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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glock Sidearm : Glock Family Pistol


GLOCK  was founded in 1963 in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria by Gaston Glock. The company first started out manufacturing curtain rods and in the 1970's, moved on to produce plastic kitchen boxes, utility knives, shovels and machine gun ammo belts. It wasn't until the early 1980's that Glock actually manufactured its first pistol. The Glock 17 (which received its name because it was the 17th patent of the Glock company) was designed in response to the Austrian army seeking a new sidearm.

The original Glock 17 was chambered in 9mm parabellum and had a 17 round capacity, which was the highest magazine capacity of any other pistol in its class at the time. Also making the Glock 17 stand out against all other pistols was the fact that it did not have any external safety lever, decocker, hammer or any other operation controls which needed to be deactivated prior to shooting. This made the Glock 17 faster, simpler and safer than any other pistol of its time and it was soon adopted as the standard weapon for the Austrian Army and many other law enforcement authorities.


The success of the Glock 17 led the company to expand to the U.S in 1985 in order to address the U.S firearms market and in 1988, Glock opened a second subsidiary in Hong Kong in order to concentrate on the Asian and Australian firearms markets. Glock currently produces 39 models of handguns and in 1999, Glock reached a milestone in the firearm community with the production of the company's two-millionth Glock pistol. Known for being reliable and able to function in a number of extreme conditions, Glock pistols are used 65% of U.S law enforcement agencies and are used by other law enforcement agencies and military personnel around the world.

Glock pistols are the perfect combination of reliability and accuracy. Their high-tech engineering and construction create a handgun that can stand up to more punishment than even the most unforgiving conditions can generate. When you investigate the individual advantages of a Glock, you'll see that it will outperform whatever you're shooting now.

The optimum solution for professional requirements. Each model of the Glock pistol family offers the same characteristics and advantages - the same handling and maintenance. In addition to pistols in all internationally proven operating calibers and sizes, we offer numerous special and training models.


What sets Glock pistols apart from other handguns is the simplicity of their design. Glock pistols contain nearly half as many components as typical handguns, making both repair and maintenance easier.


Unlike most trigger systems, Glock features a unique safe action trigger system. Under the safe action trigger system, the trigger is the only operating element and all three safeties must be disengaged in order for the gun to fire. When the trigger of any Glock pistol is pulled, all three pistol safeties are deactivated and once the trigger is released, the pistol safeties are once again activated. Unlike other handguns which require the user to manually switch the safety off or on, Glock pistols make it simple: when your finger is off the trigger, the safety is on and when your finger is on the trigger, the safety is off.


The frames of all Glock pistols are made out of nearly indestructible, high tech polymer, which is corrosion resistant, tougher and 86% lighter than steel. While Glock pistol frames are protected by polymer, the metal slides and barrels are protected by Tenifer, a high tech surface refinement process of liquid carbon-itriding. This Tenifer treatment protects each Glock pistol from corrosion, scratches and rust. In addition to the polymer and Tenifer treatments, Glock also treats each pistol with a degree of hardness of 64 Rockwell Cone Scale (ROC), which is close to that of a diamond.


From custom grips, barrels and sights to tactical lights, lasers and extended magazines, there is a number of accessories to accompany all Glock pistols. All current Glock pistols come standard with an accessory rail ahead of the trigger housing, which is ideal for lasers and flashlights. While Glock is most known for its line of safe action pistols, Glock also produces its own line of field knives, holsters, lights, lasers and other pistol accessories. Glock is known for producing reliable, sturdy and safe firearms that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a Glock pistol or an accessory for your Glock, TopGlock is sure to have what you need.


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